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A little bit about me, Yani Martin, founder of Para Bajitos Inc.

Hello "Bajitos" and parents of the "bajitos"!

For a while now, our organization has been gradually getting involved with the community as well as with the different institutions they represent and are given the task of working for children. As our mission is to produce and promote activities for your children and being the founder and president of Para Bajitos Inc.

I formally want to introduce myself before you.

Yani Martin, Fundadora de Para Bajitos Inc.

My name is Yani and since I was 18 I work with children, in my home country (Cuba) I was a longtime host of a children's television program that is still on the air: "Sopa de Palabras" and now (already a little more mature) I am a teacher in a school teaching theater. I have been living in Miami for 5 years, and I am also a mother, I don't know if to others parents think as me, but many times I have felt that children are not given the attention they deserve. There are not enough activities for them; and I speak of children's theater, musical shows, puppet shows, as well as instructional programs in museums and galleries. I think our little ones should try something more than video games to entertain themselves. We parents, we are almost always working to give our children the best and when we have time with them we sometimes do not know what to do or where to go.

This is precisely a page for the entire family, so that they find here games, recipes, tongue twisters, interesting and fun places to go.

 This is my contribution, PARA BAJITOS INC. a nonprofit organization structured in the form of a magazine for easy interaction with children, a space for parents and children to have a good time and have fun without losing their roots.

Greetings and hopefully see you soon!

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