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Hurricane is coming? or by any other reason you can't go play outside?Look at these games.

We got you! Here are some fun choices, let us know what you think or if you have some others!

1. A jungle in the living room

For this game you will need a card game and some coins. Each player chooses the sound of a different animal. Once everyone has learned it, the cards will be dealt one at a time. When two players have them equal - two jacks, two sevens or two asses, each of them will have to make the noise of the opponent. Whoever does it before takes one coin from the other. The one that gets more coins will win when all the cards have been dealt. From 7 years.

2. Stop!

For this game you will need paper, pen and lots of memory. Each player draws several columns on his sheet of paper. Each one represents a category: food, name, city, animal, famous, brand ... All players must have the same categories written on their paper. The oldest of the participants will begin to mentally repeat the alphabet and the smaller one will stop when he wants. He has to say the letter he was going for and all the players will try to complete all the categories with a word that starts with that letter. For example, if it is the letter N: orange, Noemi, Nairobi, otter, Nuria Roca, Nivea ... The first one that ends shouts "Stop!" And everyone stops writing. Each category is worth two points, one if two players have repeated the same word. Add the points obtained with that letter and continue playing with new letters until the sheet is completed. Win the one that gets the most points. From 8 years.

3. What will it be, will it be?

Grab a big bag and put different objects you find at home inside: a stuffed animal, a pen, a piece of plasticine, a sock, a sponge, a spoon, a coin ... all you want as long as they are not sharp! Sell ​​your child's eyes and let them go by touching them one by one to see how many they can guess. If several members of the family play, the winner wins the most. From 5 years. You can also keep the mystery by telling him some riddle.

​4. The ingenious feet

A game as easy to explain as difficult to achieve. Each player must sit on a chair, with bare feet and a rope tied to the feet-each end of the rope on one ankle. They should try to make a knot with their feet. Win the first to achieve it, if any one does! From 8 years.


5. The movies

It is a classic of adult meetings and, knowing what movies to choose, just as fun for the little ones in the house. The performance? Very easy? Distribute the participants in two teams. One of the teams thinks of a movie - in this case a child - and tells one of the members of the opposing team, which has to represent it only with a mimic for a minute. If after this time he has not succeeded, the opposing team scores a point. From 6 years.

6. Light signals

Take advantage of the dark atmosphere because of the clouds that come from the street to turn your house into the home of mystery. Turn off all lights and lie on the floor. In turn, players will pick up a flashlight and "write" a word or a number on the ceiling with it. The player who deciphers it correctly will be next. From 7 years.

7. I went to the market and bought ...

An ideal game to test the memory of the smallest of the house. Sentaditos in the room, one of the players begins saying "I went to the market and bought potatoes"; the next player has to add a product repeating the previous one: "I went to the market and bought potatoes and lettuce"; "I went to the market and bought potatoes, lettuce and cheese"; "I went to the market and bought potatoes, lettuce, cheese and a kilo of oranges" ... The players are eliminated as they can not remember what others have said. From 6 years.

8. The endless word

Designed for the youngest children, this game will entertain them and teach them to distinguish the sounds of the syllables. It consists of chaining words beginning with the last syllable of the previous word. For example, if the first word is "soup", the next one will say something that starts with "pa", like "potato", and so on: soup, potato, swamp, notes ... Loses the first player to be left with nothing tell. From 5 years.

​9. Who am I?

Write the name of famous and recognizable characters for children on several cards: Mickey, Pocoyo, Lebron James, Ronaldo, Snow White ... Put the cards inside out. Each player will take one of them, without looking at it, it will be placed on the forehead - you can hold it with a hair band or a little bit of tape. All the players will see who is, except the one who carries the card, who will have to ask different questions to his companions, who will only be able to answer with "yes" or "no". "Am I a football player", "no", "am I a cartoon?", "Yes", "am I a duck?", "Yes", "I'm Donald Duck!". They can set a maximum time to guess it or a number of questions. From 5 years.

10. The courted king

One of the players is the king, or the queen, and sits on his throne. In turns of 20 seconds, the other players try to make him laugh using gestures, bows and short phrases but addressed to a sovereign - "would you be so kind to dance with me? -. The courtier who achieves his goal becomes king.

So...what do you think? Did you try any of these? Have a different one that we should add to this list? Let us know!

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