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Art & Crafts! Activities that will keep your kids busy for a while

1. Stone paperweight

Go for a walk with your child and look for a beautiful, large and smooth stone. When you go home, tell her to paint it with tempera. It does not matter if you leave pieces unpainted, it will be more authentic. Once the paint dries, pass a coat of varnish to make it shiny and smooth.

2. Paint with ...

... the fingers. Choose a large sheet of paper and sit your child on the floor. Put some paint in a container and let it express freely. You can also direct the drawing. For example, paint the tips of your fingers one color and the rest in green. Print your hand so that it forms a bouquet of flowers. Complete the drawing by adding petals to the flowers with the impression of their fingers around the first spots. ... a sponge. Cut a piece of sponge and let your child wet it in the paint and paint with it. ... Water. Wet a sheet of paper with a sponge. Glue it on the table with tape in the corners. Let your child paint with their fingers and observe how the colors mix, getting a nice effect.

3. Collage

Tell your child to tear some magazine pages into pieces or tissue paper of various colors. Draw simple shapes on a blank sheet and give it glue to fill with the pieces. When you approach 3 years, you can indicate a rule to organize the collage by colors.

4. Stamping

Cut a potato in half and with the tip of a knife, make a seal in the form of star, square, circle or whatever you want. Use paint for children to draw borders or decorate colored papers with their stamp. The sponges also leave beautiful drawings when used to stamp. Fingers or the entire hand impregnated in paint are transformed into treetops or flower petals when used as a template.

5. Draw a feeling

This game is very funny. Hide a comb, a pencil, a banana or a ball in a bag. The child has to touch the object but not see it. Then, you ask him to draw what he has felt. As important as what you draw is what counts the experience.

6. Make silhouettes with parts of your body

This game can be done with a child or two, but it is more fun when there are several of different ages. Ask the children to place their hands and then their feet on a poster board. Draw a line around and cut out the silhouettes. Put them together and ask the children to find theirs by superimposing them on their hands and feet.

7. Paint textures

The pasta in the form of stars, noodles, lentils, sugar or coarse salt will serve to get the texture. Delineate areas on a white card and cover with glue. Ask the children to cover the parts of the drawing with this material. Let it dry and the next day, you can paint, the children love it.

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