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How many games do you know? How about these ones?

The broken phone

Place the children in two rows, forming two teams, and say a sentence to the earliest of each group, the longer and more complicated it is, the better -you can choose a funny tongue twister-. Each child should whisper in the ear of the next. The last one will say aloud what the team has understood and will win, whose phrase is more similar to the one you said.

Fight between serious

Placed in two rows, one against the other, The objective of this game is to get the opposing player to laugh before. For this they can only make faces, all they want. Winking an eye, sticking out your tongue, sticking your finger in your nose, trying to deform your eyelids ... Win the team that lasts most without laughing. You will see what faces and what laughter!

As in the bowling

Fill several empty water bottles with a little sand and place them about ten meters away from the children. With a basketball, they will have to shoot down as many as they can. Organize them by teams to see who wins.

​It's war (of water)!

Cubes, balloons, hats, pistols ... Everything is worth it in the water war! Give the children several of these instruments, distribute them in two teams and let the war begin! The winning side will be the one that manages to wet more on the contrary, although the real prize is the fun of those minutes. Peace will be celebrated with a good snack.

Follow the leader

If it's a birthday party, can be the honoree, he has to sit on the floor and the children are standing behind him, as if they were on a huge motorcycle. The pilot gives the indications aloud: "On the right. On the left. Be careful, I brake! Come, I accelerate "and goes turning the trunk while talking. The children have to go spinning with him.

The unbreakable globe

The games with balloons are hilarious, especially when they explode! Tie a balloon to each child's ankle. To the sound of the music they go out to the track. The game consists of stepping on the opponent's globe, saving his own. Children who lose their balloon leave the track. Win the last to keep your balloon.

Fancy dress ball

Costumes are a spectacular option for children to have fun. Prepare several trunks with old clothes or some that you have made for the occasion: skirts, pants, shirts, wigs, extravagant hats, necklaces and hair ornaments ... Tell them that you will put the music and each one will have to take a garment from each trunk and put it on before you stop the song.

Hope you have fun with these! Let us know how it went!

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